Constream E-Invoices

Optimize your company with
structured invoice and Industry 4.0 processes.

E-invoicing is a modern and efficient way of managing invoices and payments. It streamlines the process of creating, sending, and receiving invoices, making it easier for companies to keep track of their finances.

E-invoicing also reduces the amount of paperwork and manual data entry, saving time and money.

Additionally, e-invoicing is more secure than traditional methods, as it uses digital signatures and encryption to protect sensitive data.



Italian Gateway (Sistema Di Interscambio)


Polish Gateway (Krajowy System e-Faktur)




Global e-invoicing is on the rise.

Electronic invoicing is quickly becoming the norm in business transactions across the world. With organizations increasingly turning to digital solutions, e-invoicing has become an attractive solution for its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.


Embrace Eco-Friendliness
with e-Invoicing!

e-invoicing is a great way to help reduce your company's carbon footprint. Electronic invoices are paperless, which helps to reduce emissions associated with the production and consumption of paper documents.

Key Features

Harness the power of e-invoicing with government gateways and structured invoices in multi-tenant environment

Invoice Synchronization

Invoice synchronization streamlines ERP workflows, saving time and money. Automation ensures accuracy and security. Real-time visibility into the invoice process allows companies to monitor performance and payments progress.

Invoice Sync Alerts

Invoice sync notifications keep businesses updated on the status of incoming and outgoing invoices, allowing them to quickly identify and address any issues.


Metadata added to ERP invoice workflows boosts efficiency and accuracy. Metadata also marks each invoice as unique, enabling easy identification and tracking. Automating tasks and creating a streamlined workflow increases accuracy, reduces errors, and saves time.


Our software platform allows multiple users to access and use the same instance of the software, while keeping their data separate and secure. This feature enables cost-saving benefits and increased efficiency through the use of shared resources.


Invoices can be audited throughout their entire lifecycle thanks to the tamper-proof ledger solution.

Approval Workflows

In Constream, invoices can be allocated to different approval workflows, allowing for more control and precision in the payment process.

Business Intelligence

Gathered invoices form the basis for Business Intelligence tools to analyze synchronized financial data, giving businesses insights into their financial performance, trends, and better decision-making.

Government Gateways

It’s the very heart of the Constream system, allowing tenants to exchange data and information in a secure manner. Ledger is a bit like the Big Brother who knows everything that happened in every project and at every point in time. Data is thus collected in a private blockchain which, by its very nature and design, is immutable and represents a single source of truth.